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Kristen Scott Thomas

Now come on... let's be honest... Has Kristen Scott Thomas ever been in a film you would want to watch?



Rant over.

Buerk by name... burk by nature

What on Earth possessed Michael Buerk to be a contestant in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?

Oh... I know!

The £120,000 he was reportedly offered by ITV.

Rant over.


From the outset I felt drawn into this highly impressive film. The grim and cold environment, the horrors and violence of a savage and brutal war are conveyed brilliantly.

The film centres on a four man tank crew led by Sargent Brad Pitt who has to guide his men on a number of deadly missions deep in German territory right at the end of WWII.

The action is violent and lethal but is intercut with brilliant dialogue and fabulous character moments. There is an extended scene where Pitt and his young apprentice machine gunner recuperate at a German town house inhabited by two young women, they are then joined by Shia LaBoeff and the dodgy police bloke turned zombie from The Walking Dead... and the tension ramps up.

There is the obligatory battle with a Tiger tank which is seat of your pants stuff followed by cataclysmic fight with a regiment of SS... which concludes bloodily.

This film is probably the best I have seen this year and I totally recommend going to see it.

Rating: 9/10

It's all about me (Part 3)

For some reason I caught a bit of Graham Norton's show the other day and one of the guests was the supremely smug Stephen Fry.

Anyway Fry was recounting a story about nearly putting the phone down on Prince Charles one Christmas Day when old Jug Ears just happened to give him a call.

Subtle as a brick eh?

Let it be known to everyone that: I Stephen Fry hobnob with royalty.

Me me me!

Rant over.

Have I slept with over a thousand women? Probably': Simply Red's Mick Hucknall admits he never kept track of romantic conquests

"He's dated a string of beautiful women including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Helena Christensen.

And Simply Red frontman and serial womaniser Mick Hucknall says his knack with the ladies was just par for the course of being in one of Britain's biggest bands.

The 54-year-old star - who famously claimed he had sex with up to three women a day during the group's heyday - has confessed he bedded too many women to count over the course of his career because he couldn't resist the 'candy shop' of sexual opportunity available to him." -- Daily Mail website

Jeezus wept... is this ugly f*ck for real? He has got to be one of the most repulsive looking individuals (and deluded) to walk the planet (or any other planet for that matter!)

SIMPLY B*LL*CKS more like!!!

Rant over.

And the title is...

I was expecting something a trifle better than The Force Awakens.


Kelvin Mackenzie

My god this bloke really thinks he know's it all doesn't he?

I had one eye on some programme tonight on BBC1 about whether there should be more powers for London as it is such a powerhouse that benefits the whole of the UK.

Mackenzie was on the panel and of course he deliberately trotted out a load of provocative guff to p*ss people off. Mainly if you can't afford to live there... then tough! And so it went on in a similar vein whenever he was asked his opinion.

And you know what Kelvin?... your opinion is worth f*ck all!!!

Rant over.

It's all about me (Part 2)

I quite often read The Times (you can get it free if you spend over a tenner in Waitrose). I don't know why... but what really gets on my bloody wick is Caitlin Moran who writes for the newspaper or to be more accurate the obnoxious photos of her posturing with her gob open!

It's all about me, me, me...

Rant over.