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Herne Bay... Hell on Earth

Where as Canterbury is an attractive city with a lot of character and history... Herne Bay is the biggest pile of stinking crap I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. The whole town should be nuked. I was banned by N from taking any photos of the locals... which is a shame as I could of displayed an impressive array of photos of the most repulsive looking, moronic, retards you could imagine. I particularly wanted to take a picture of some hulking great, disagreeable looking ape who was getting out of a Freelander... wearing camouflaged threequarter length trousers - bloody hell... what a GIT!

We decided to have dinner in this cesspit of a town and as we scouted for a suitable restaurant - the local scummy youth drove up and down the seafront in their "max powered" Citroen Saxos. Eventually we found a restaurant that looked okay. NS was lucky - she decided at the last minute to change her order away from the fish. Alas N, MO and I (that is me) didn't. Of course the fish turned out to be tasteless.

At last it was time to go home and we stopped en route at a service station on the M2 for a coffee. As we parked two women or more accurately two massive bloaters were leaving in the car in front... both feeding their porcine flabby faces with cakes... again I wanted to take a photo but N stopped me. Damn!

And that was it...

The Canterbury Tales

Last bank holiday... the one at the beginning of May - NS, TS, MO, N and I (that is me) took a trip down to Canterbury for a day out. In a fit of insanity we left home at 7am - however fortunately it paid off because we got there nice and early for breakfast at Cafe Rouge. MO gloated over the fact he correctly guessed the nationality of the waiter as being Irish - he then proceeded to tell us of course that he has Irish blood... but that is another story. We took a boat trip along a short stretch of the River Stour with commentary from a bloke called Vincent. Afterwards NS and N disappeared into couple of shops, MO considered buying a gigantic telly and TS bought a computer keyboard. I of course bought nothing... we walked around a bit, took a few photos, decided not to go in the cathedral (like York there is a hefty entrance fee) and then decided to go to the coast... Herne Bay... Jeezus what a sh*thole.


I have received complaints from LAB and MO for not enough going on the blog... so I will post The Canterbury Tales later tonight...

Come Dine With Me

This TV programme has been rudely brought to my attention - thanks to NS and TS. N has now become addicted to watching it as well... personally I can't understand the fuss! Banal reality TV. Rubbish...

Rant over.


Photo supplied by SN after reading the Rant.

Bin Men are SCUM

I have ranted before about these ignorant b*stards... anyway we were on our way to work and of course the bin wagon is parked down the road - quite why these w*nkers have to come round at peak time beggars belief and block the road (especially a cul-de-sac with a school). I'm moving the car slowly to go past when one of these pricks just steps from behind the wagon with a wheelie bin. I easily stop a safe distance from it and the ape-creature yells a load of abuse. Absolutely beggars belief.

I think I would actually be prepared to take my own rubbish to the dump if it meant these lowlife neanderthal retards were all put out of work. Bin Creatures go to hell!!!

Rant over.

The Eden Project

Today I planted 10 busy lizzies... impatiens or whatever they're called!

Review of Iron Man

A bit belated, I know. I watched Iron Man last Monday and was largely impressed - mainly because of the highly charismatic Robert Downey Junior. He fills the role of Tony Stark, billionaire, hellraising, womanising genius exceptionally well. The Iron Man suit reminds me somewhat of RoboCop and the combat scenes were reminiscent of Transformers so therefore it was a bit deja vu. One thing I don't like (and the new Incredible Hulk film seems to be the same - judging from the trailer) is that the hero fights a more powerful version of himself. Think RoboCop II in fact. Having said all that it is a very entertaining film that I would recommend.

Rating: 7/10
(Robert Downey Junior: 10/10)


N and I saw Wicked on Saturday and were very impressed. The two leading ladies were excellent and the songs were performed well. All in all it is a much superior musical to The Lord of The Rings and I would absolutely recommend anyone to go and see it. The ending totally turns The Wizard of Oz on its head...

Rating: 8.5 / 10