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Virgin Media v Sky

Looks like Branson is going to lose against Murdoch... interesting to see if people who have cable contracts are going to be able to cancel them as they will no longer be able to see the likes of Lost or 24.

Cumbrian Rail Crash and Branson

After the tragedy of the rail crash in Cumbria on Friday night... I find it rather nauseating reading Richard Branson's comments. He extolled the train driver for being a hero and staying at his post! It seems to me that logically the driver would have very little to do during a derailment. He cannot actually influence the direction of the train at all. Also Branson was very quick to blame the points and distance his company from the accident, too quick for my liking. Everything that bloke does is a PR exercise.

No. 3 Bin Men

It is my belief that a contract between local councils and with all the UK's zoos would be advantageous for all concerned... the reason being that chimpanzees, orang utan's and gibbons could be employed doing a far superior job to the the utterly useless tossers that come and collect our rubbish. What the hell do we pay part of our council tax for??? These idiots spend their day racing up and down in reverse in their vehicles. Usually shaven headed, thick as they come subhuman morons (always smoking) - blatently ignoring rubbish that needs to be collected! The other day we had a rather tall wheelie bin delivered - specifically for the use of depositing rubbish... Ha ha we used it... but guess what they didn't bother emptying it. It looks like you have to take your rubbish out of the bin and leave it by the kerb (overnight). What is the point in having wheelie bins then??? Also because it is so tall you actually cannot get bags that are at the bottom out of it.

Shoot the whole lot of them.

Rant over

Hot Fuzz

Caught this film late Saturday afternoon at the revamped and refurbished cinema at the Galeria which is now an Odeon Digital cinema (in fact the first one in the country).

The film itself is very funny... not a gag every line, but carefully crafted comedic moments intermeshed with strong central characters. Simon Pegg is excellent as Sargeant Angel the straight as a die, no nonsense cop who is so good at his job he has to be posted to the sleepy village of Sandford as he shows up his London colleagues. There are some gratuitously gory bits and the last act is pretty ludicrous (very John Woo-esque), however I heartily recommend you seeing this film. See it now...

Rating: 8/10

Daddy Cool

Went and saw Daddy Cool last night with N... if you have the urge for a nostalgic listen to the music of Boney M, then this was the show for you. The trouble is I think it ends this weekend!

Ra Ra Rasputin... etc.

Rating: 7/10

Deborah Meaden

Just a quick bit of investigation... seems like Deborah Meaden (from Dragon's Den) is a multi-millionairess. Sold her stake in the family business for £33 million. So worked her way up eh? Funny how having a few million to begin with makes business investment so much easier. Pathetic.

Rant over.

Dragon's Den

I would really like to punch that bald headed prat on Dragon's Den... Theo Whatisnamepopodopolis. Aggrogant a*sehole! Also that ultra ugly b*tch that sits along side him - I don't think she has ever invested any money at all.

Bizzarely I quite like the programme - maybe because of some of the nutcase ideas people come up with and how ill prepared they can be.

Rant over.

Irritating people on guided tours...

We went on a guided tour of Osborne House on the Isle of Wight on Sunday, quite interesting although not as impressive as Leeds Castle in Kent. The guide was an affable fellow... however there had to be the usual irritant you encounter on these sort of things, namely some old bat who seems to be under the impression that whatever the guide says is specifically directed at her... eg. Guide - "The painting is of Leopold who was Queen Victoria's uncle..." Old Bat - "Oh yes, I see, of course" Everyone else - Nothing said. Guide - "Prince Albert died when he was 42 etc." Old Bat - "Oh really, that was very young!" Everyone else - Silence. And so it goes on until you have the urge to yell "Shut up you stupid old biddy, we don't need your continuous comments"

Rant over

"Lost" and "Life on Mars"

Good to see that both these excellent programmes start again very soon!

"The Lost Room" (Final Episode)

I sat down and watched the final episode of The Lost Room last night (see earlier post). I really enjoyed it and was pleased to see that it isn't going to drag on for another 20 instalments... mind you it did leave things open ended for a continuation. I could drone on for ages trying to explain it but the best bet would be to actually obtain it on DVD and watch it yourself.

Rating: 8/10

Isle of Wight

N and I booked a weekend away to the Isle of Wight... a place I haven't been too since 1979. That visit 28 years ago was with my classmates from Skyswood School and bizarrely I can remember aspects of it quite vividly. I shared a room with R and Philip A and during the week there was a competition to see who had the tidiest rooms, the prize being a rather small teddy bear. I also remember being refused a glass of water from one of the waiters in the hotel (he probably objected to serving 10 to 11 year olds) and I had to drink some horrible cherryade. Blackgang Chine and Robin Hill... yep it comes flooding back to me!

Just one question though. Why is Blackgang Chine called Blackgang Chine?

Dancing Dog!!!

I have just watched a dancing dog win a talent contest... the runner up was a bald guy who climbed inside a balloon and changed into Elvis... 'nuff said!